Email Collection and List Hygiene

Secure Sender only works with companies who opt-in or double opt-in their members. We consult with each client to make their Email collection as transparent as possible. It is extremely important their members understand the type of emails they will be receiving and with what frequency. We hold all emails that soft bounce after three tries for one month, remove hard bounces after one occurrence, and unsubscribes and Complaints are removed immediately. In addition we suspend sending to emails that are inactive after six months. These practices ensure our clients and future clients Emails are delivered.

Whitelisting and Email Deliverability

We work with all the large Email Service Providers to set up feedback loops and whitelist our Sending IP's. This means exceptional deliverability for our clients whose creative's have a low SPAM Score. In order to keep our whitelisting, Secure Sender is very selective in the clients we choose, and we retain the final say in what are clients do. Slow and steady wins the race, and our clients understand this and trust us to reach their members at an acceptable rate. Our Emails incorporate the latest functionality in Domain Keys, Sender ID and SPF Records.

Relevant Marketing Message and Content

Our team works hand in hand with our clients to sculpt/ fine tune each email they send. Every message contains a relevant subject line that engages the members and clearly explains what they should expect once opening it. We run each Email Creative through our proprietary algorithms to determine their SPAM score and subsequently work on optimizing the HTML. Although our company is relatively young, we have over 10 years of emailing experience.