Privacy Policy

SecureSender, Inc. ("we", "us", "our", or "SecureSender") is committed not only to protecting the privacy of its customers, but also to creating a safe and secure environment for all users of our products and services. We have adopted and published this privacy policy to protect your personal information and to let you, the user of our website, know the type of information we may gather about you and what we may use this information for, as well. Further, we let you know your options with regard to our privacy policy. This privacy policy applies only to activities you perform on our website, transactions for purchasing our services, and activities or communications that occur using our products and services (collectively known as the "Service") and does not apply to any other website or offline point of contact between SecureSender (or any other company) and customers. This policy was implemented on November 26, 2008, and may be amended or updated by us from time to time. Please periodically review this page. Each time you use the Service or provide us with information, by doing so you are accepting the practices described in this privacy policy at that time.


The security of our customers' information is our top priority, and we protect it vigorously. Our internal policies direct all SecureSender employees on how to handle such information to ensure that it is used properly and never inadvertently disclosed. We are constantly re-evaluating such policies, as well as implementing new technology to safeguard our customers' sensitive information.

Information We Collect from You

Like most other e-commerce websites, each time you access our website, we automatically collect your IP address. We do this so that we can improve our website and the Service. Specifically, the collection of IP addresses helps us to diagnose problems with our server and to improve the running of our website. We gather statistics on the types of browsers our customers and visitors use so that we can optimize the website and the Service for all operating systems.

In addition to IP addresses, we also gather broad demographic information about our customers and visitors so as to understand the needs and wants of these groups and to tailor the Service appropriately.

Rest assured, IP addresses are not linked to any personally identifiable information. Users' personal information remains anonymous.


Our website, like many other websites, reserves the right to use client-side cookies to verify the login status of our customers and to remember their SecureSender personal settings and preferences. Such cookies also help us track point-of-entry to point-of-registration for those users participating in our affiliate programs; or measure the success of a particular marketing campaign.

As with IP addresses, cookies are not linked to any personally identifiable information. Moreover, cookies are temporary; once a user closes his or her browser, the cookie self-terminates.

Users may always disable cookies; however, doing so may limit their ability to view and access all aspects of the website and the Service.

How We Use This Information

We never sell, share, rent, or otherwise disseminate the information we collect about our customers to anyone without their express permission or unless otherwise ordered by a court of law. Our employees use this information to improve our website and the Service and to keep in contact with our customers about their use of both. Similarly, the operation of the Service requires that we communicate certain customer information to our agents, representatives, contractors, and service providers so that they may perform such support services (e.g., credit card transactions) as are necessary and helpful. We require these third parties to adhere to the same procedures as we observe in the handling of our customers' information.

We may also use personal information to send newsletters, information, offers, and other promotional materials to our customers. We strive to send only e-mails that are of value to our customers, such discounts or exclusive offers. Naturally, our customers may opt out of receiving such e-mails by selecting the opt-out feature at the bottom of every e-mail.